Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And.... GO!

First post. How exciting is that? For me, pretty exciting. I've been wanting to get this up and running for several months and now, here we are!

For old friends joining me from my Livejournal, welcome! Make yourself at home and feel free to let the witticism fly.

For those joining me from the Frontier's Horizon blog, welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the peeks backstage. Hopefully, the glances behind the curtain at the dusty prop room and cluttered stage wings will not dampen the glow you might have for the adventurous Rusty Buchanan.

For anyone else, climb aboard and grab a bit of railing. There's enough room here for everyone.

I think its almost mandatory that a first post be an overview of what you'll be reading on the blog. Its good to set guidelines, right? I think they provide anchors for those days or weeks where you feel like you've lost your way with a project.

If you know me you might be saying, "Dude, you've got two blogs as it is. Why do you need a third?" What is this blog all about? Well, its been in the works for awhile, stewing away in my brainpan. Its also a way for me to break away and have a journal that specifically features my articles, commentary, and art.

To answer this a bit more completely here is a small list of what I am looking to provide for myself as well as my audience.

1. Mature and professional commentary on creativity, art, and writing.

2. An area to talk about what is going on with my "ship" or otherwise known as my Studio. (More about that, below.) This includes a place to pimp a photograph or two as well as anything else that I've done which I think is cool.

3. Commentary on the very fascinating virtual world of Second Life as well as other MMORPG's as I can afford to play them. (Which is nill right now since I am broke! *lol*) Though I may talk about the progress I am making with Mr. Buchanan or technical "behind the scenes" things with him, alot of what will be here will be commentray about the SL world in general. Basically, opinions and articles on things that the good Mr. Buchanan might not talk about in character. I'm fascinated by the whole concept, Second Life in particular, and I find myself ranting about it on a daily level. I plan to subject you to those rants.

4. And finally, general blogging, writing, or op-ed commentary, maybe some small fiction pieces. Its my hope to keep most of this very light-hearted and amusing. However, you never know, seriousness has a way of growing like mold in a bread bag. If it shows up, I promise to scrape it off the crust as soon as possible.

5. At least three posts a week, if not more, for the foreseeable future.

A bit of explanation for when I use the term "ship." My ship is an imaginary one called the O.S.S. Renaissance. It's symbolic to my career as a creative individual, as a writer, a photographer, an artist, and my quest to become self-supporting with those skills. I am also not ashamed to admit that I was inspired to do it after my love of the television show "Firefly" and, in particulary, the episode, "Out of Gas." I've spent quite a bit of time on her and, in time, I will go into the concept. For now, let me provide the following...

An example: The aerial sailing ship The Renaissance launched last year under beautiful summer skies. The initial tour around the harbor was good and I started running her fairly hard late in the summer. The actual use of the aetherwind sails was barely tested and unfortunately, sometime around early Winter she started developing some serious leaks. I brought her into dock and she's been in the process of refitting since sometime around November. Since then the winter winds have been very very hard on her but I'm still hoping to have her re-rigged and crewed as soon as possible.

Translation: I started an official business called Renaissance Way Studio last summer and began not only doing photography but artwork both commission and personal. A few problems surfaced and since then I have also rediscovered my love of writing. I've turned my focus that direction and to submitting material for publication. Over the past month or so I've been under some terrible financial stress but I refuse to allow the Renaissance to be scuttled without even one good voyage under her belt! Again, I am reminded of the episode "Out of Gas." If you know it, you know what I am talking about... If you don't know it, you should see it sometime.

So, when I speak of my "ship" that's what I am talking about. A symbolic vehicle made up of dreamstuff and what Joseph Cambell might call my own mythical and heroic imagery. If nothing else its very entertaining to think about when I'm bored in line at the grocery store.

As said by Mark Twain, "Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live."

With that being said, let me restate, "Welcome aboard!" From here, we shall see where the winds take us and whether the weather be sunny or foul.

The image above is entitled "What No Fence Can Hold" and is © Bryan Roberts, 2006.


Ursa said...

Permission to come aboard, sir?

tamlaeyn said...

here as well.

B. Roberts said...

Welcome aboard, you rummy old deck swabbers!