Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day In The Sun, Part Two

I think I may just have to resign myself to only getting one of these posts up here every week or so. So busy.

As promised and in honor of the NCAA College Baseball World Series this weekend, here is the other half of the shots from the "Spring Day in the Sun." These are from an IU baseball game later that day. I'm particularly fond of these shots and my growing ability to see a situation on the field and prepare for it. Also, since I am an avid baseball scorekeeper whenever I go to games, I love Keeping Score which is at the very end.

The subject of the shot was a smiling older gentleman who very elegantly set up a folding bleacher seat, sat down in the front row directly behind home plate, and began keeping score with his pen and steno pad. He must have been a long time fan as he was treated with great respect by any IU baseball staff member that walked by him. He had an "old school baseball gentleman" air to him and it was just a pleasure watching him watch the game.


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kate said...

I really love the jumping shot. Nice action!1

Also, "Keeping Score" is sweet, and it shows.