Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Evening

Finally got a lunch break at work that didn't involve...uh... working. Quite happy about that fact! Last night saw me undertaking the annual trip to a nearby haunt for trick or treating. The place we go is loaded with kids, parents, and residents. The sidewalks are packed, the houses are made up, and some residents even go as far as to dress up and scare the kiddies with de-chained chain saws and bloody hatchets. It's typically thirty minutes of complete pandemonium.

With the horde in tow and a fifteen minute costume on, we ventured forth into the night. Some pics will be coming up shortly revealing the fun and candy bag filled craziness of it all. I was very pleased to find my brother suddenly filled with the Samhain spirit at the last minute and joining us dressed in his fantastic Gandalf outfit.

And now, it's November 1st and All Saints Day. And, I might add, finally feeling like Autumn!

Last night the wind whipped around our house causing the window frames to creak and the roof to woodenly pop. From the inside and after all had gone to their beds, I could hear the windchimes, twirling and banging. Through the windows I could see silvery clouds skimming by quickly overhead. In other words, it was perfect for late Halloween night.

I ventured out into it for a short while. The wind kept up its frantic pace, snapping about me and attempting to push me off balance. This continued for some time until I put out several plates of offerings in the form of candy, milk, coffee, scotch, and corn meal. Almost instantly, the wind stopped and moved away from our porch although it continued to twist and rush about elsewhere on our property. For the rest of the evening, the wind stopped its restless fury on or around our house. There are a myriad conclusions that could be reached as to how that happened but I prefer to stick to the more magical and esoteric reason.

Happy November and Happy New Year.

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