Thursday, February 15, 2007

Country in The Winter

The past few days have been a bit hectic. A winter storm came creeping through a few days ago and pretty much turned everything on its side. I say creep because that is exactly what it did. Slithering in with some spitting sleet, then rain, and then when it had everyone lulled into a false sense of safety, it froze everything solid and placed just enough snow on top of it to cause numerous problems. It also killed electricity to somewhere in the number of 30,000 people in the area, one of which was me and mine.

As the entire house is powered by electricity, we spent an afternoon getting candles and supplies out and available. We then spent an interesting evening huddled in the living room around the fireplace which, by luck, we do have. Though I expected the power to not be on for a day or so, the electrical workers were able to get powered restored to us sometime in the middle of the night. Many thanks to them and their efforts!

Morning was spent digging out and turning our attention from staying warm to playtime. I grabbed the camera while the kids took advantage of the snow and took in the large hill in our front yard. This delighted them because it takes a major snowfall to make the hill sled worthy and it has not happened in awhile.

The roads were still bad and the hills we have to take to get out were covered in ice which led to no one really going anywhere for a second day. Time was spent with the kids and taking advantage of the extra day thrown at us to get housework done. We also had to take some time and reorganize everything that was moved while trying to shelter up the living room and the fireplace.

Needless to say, with three kids home from school, it's been a hectic couple of days.

Enough for now, enjoy the pics!

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