Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Rasum Frassum

Frustrations seem to abound this week which has, by default, led to all sorts of delays in keeping with the creative schedule I am trying to maintain. To name not all but a few; car's dying, hectic schedules, internet connection going bad for 24 hours, and now a winter storm. All seem to be conspiring to have me pull my hair out.

I had hoped to get some Frontier Horizon's items caught up yesterday but was only able to get the underwater cave post up. On the good side, a particular project happening at Caledon is moving along nicely. More on that later... My only regret is that due to said frustrations I was not able to give it the time I had intended. Hopefully, the coming storm won't interfere too much with connections this evening. But before that, I will need to get home from work safely. *grin* And, the other goal is to not be so tired that I cannot work on a short story that I wanted to have finished by now.

Storms happen and its the captain's job to find the best way through them or, if necessary, to find a good port for shelter. The goal is to not let the frustrations force a mistake out of you. Management of pressure.

Wish us luck!


Ursa said...

Good luck!!1

Captain Yote said...

Thank ya! And Good Winds to you as well!

ursa said...

Thanks. They're appreciated. (: