Tuesday, February 20, 2007


My good friend and mentor in the real world was interviewed in Second Life last night as part of a real world/Second Life radio show called "When Worlds Collide." I took time off from the expedition to cheer Jesa Li on and give her my support through an hour long interview which touched on her large scale landscaping projects within Second Life, her writing, her in-world store, and the fact that she is 70 years old and in-world. (The last one being a bit of a rarity in the realm of virtual worlds but perhaps not as much as you might initially think.) Another thing the interview did was touch on a very important angle and opinion which Jesa and I share. This is that Second Life can be just as powerful as the real one, that your experiences in one world can encourage and empower the other.

The radio show is hosted by a real life and Second Life musician and entertainer, Cypress Rosewood, who played two tracks of his beautiful works with native american flute before the interview. "When Worlds Collide" is a weekly show, every Monday evening, which features a personal angle on what is happening within Second Life and is located in a large studio on the Land of the Masters in Jarag sim. It's sponsored by RadioFreeNashville.org. The show carried an audience of around twenty folks in-world and I am unsure of the audience out in real radio land. I was glad to find out about it and will be trying to take in more shows because I think it pinpoints the personal experience, the interaction and mixing point of real and virtual. Good stuff.

Jesa was a bit nervous at first but seemed to relax about half way through. She did great. In her words, "I've been interviewed on radio and television but that, that was a very odd experience." After talking with folks for awhile, she retired to her An Lios garden where I was able to see what she and friend, Whizbang Corleone, had been up to.

It was good to take a break from the Frontier's Horizon expedition. After a few hours of trudging along the ground and trying to navigate invisible walls, it was nice to sit in one place and take in a social event. I also got some good shots for another Emobidiments post which should be up tonight or tomorrow. I also want to encourage more folks to check out the "When Worlds Collide" show if possible.


tamlaeyn said...

Jesa is on second life.

well, Tam Wilder will be on more in the future, but only post GDC.

Captain Yote said...

Its one of the main reasons I went back to SL in the first place. *grin* See ya post, GDC.

You never said if it was alright for me to hide in your suitcase or not...