Friday, February 2, 2007

Embodiment of Self

One of the other things I get to do with this blog is show off shots of things I think are cool within the digital world of Second Life but may not be able to post them over on Frontier's Horizon. Well, at least until the Great Expedition is over.

I love the artwork and skill that goes into avatars. Some folks take the chance to design the image of themselves they want to present to the digital world. I love people's choices and how creative they can be. I'll leave the psycho analysis as to why one presentational choice might differ and what personality traits might be evidenced by a person's choice firmly on the couch, in the shed, out back, in the woods. The bottom line about avatar choice is that its fun and, yes, sometimes it can tell you something about yourself.

And I love to take pics of all the creative and beautiful ones I've seen. With this post, I'm starting a series of cool and interesting avatars I see in-world. My apologies if I do not publish a name with them. Some times I don't even get a person's name because I am so busy operating the in-world camera. I'm clicking away and *poof* they're gone. Such is the case with the two presented here. I hope you enjoy them!


Ursa said...

Omigosh!1 It's a Badly Drawn Boy!1

B. Roberts said...

Hey now, play nice! *chuckle*